Chaquetilla Modelo Flor

Inspiration light jacket in ivory damask fabric. Design of elegant embroidered flowers on sleeves and back. The set is enriched with two trinket beads at each end of the sleeves, and on the front with six cups open in the same material.

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991,74 €

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You can select a different color on the damask fabric. Comment that the basic pattern that carries this fabric may vary depending on the piece of fabric available at the time of your order. The one we show you in the photo is as a guide.

This model has medium-sized shoulder pads adorned with three bead bowls each. They are complemented with a row of balls covered in white thread in the area of ​​the half moon.

In this design there are two kinds of flowers that are decorated with a stone to get a few highlights.

So you can customize your Flor model jacket we offer you that you can select, in addition to the color of the fabric, the color of the embroidery and the color of the stones. The trinket with which we will make the alamares and cazoletas will be the crystal tone for the white and silver embroidery; and the black tone for the embroidery of the same color. If you have doubts about the possible combinations, we will be happy to help you out.Nevertheless we will contact you to explain to you the measures that we need

It is a jacket that you will find very comfortable to wear. The delivery time will be 4 weeks without including the time it takes to deliver the transport agency.

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