Model bouquet of flowers Jacket

Bullfighter jacket in which a design inspired by the bouquets has been embroidered. The drawing is completed with little flowers embroidered around it. All are decorated with stones to provide light. His shoulder pads, and the 3 squares that we put in each sleeve, play an important role when it comes to giving that bullfighting touch.

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Around the body of the jacket, on the neck and on the cuffs, notice that we sew a cord to delineate all those contours.

To adapt it to you we offer you the option of selecting the color with which you feel most favored of satin, as well as the color of embroidery and stones.

You will verify that it is a very versatile and comfortable garment.

It will take us about a month to be able to make your jacket.We will contact you to indicate the measures that we need.

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